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Pinxt will also store your belongings in Maastricht-Eijsden

Pinxt provides temporary storage options

Is your new location not yet ready, but you still want to move your belongings? Are you planning to renovate your home? Pinxt offers its clients the option to temporarily store belongings and furniture in one of our spaces in Maastricht.

Pinxt has two large storage warehouses of 2,400 m2 in total, and a total volume of 16,800 m3. These warehouses contain wooden storage containers, each of which can hold 10 m3. Thanks to their dimensions, our storage containers fit into our moving vehicle, allowing us to deliver your belongings to our storage facilities straight from your address without any further handling. Always safe, fast and comfortable.

Interested in our storage options? Please find an overview of the possibilities below. Should you want more information or to discuss your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. You could also complete the form and we will call you back.

Price indication
You will pay €1.21 per day for a container of approx. 10 m3. This price includes 21% VAT.

Dimensions of the containers
The storage containers of Pinxt in Maastricht-Eijsden are very spacious and suitable for different types of storage. Dimensions: 190 x 200 x 240 cm.

1) Following a preliminary visit and the provision of an obligation-free quotation, Pinxt takes care of every aspect of your move.

2) A trailer is parked in front of your premises. It holds three crates, which you fill yourself. Afterwards, the trailer is picked up and your belongings are placed in our warehouses.

3) You transport your belongings to our warehouses yourself, where you load them into our storage containers. With the exception of the storage fees, there are no other costs associated with this option.