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Pinxt has three large storage warehouses with a total floor area of 4000 m2 and a volume of 25,200 m3. Our warehouses have wooden storage containers that can store approximately 10 m3 each. Thanks to their dimensions, our storage boxes fit perfectly into our moving van. This ensures that your inventory will be placed directly in our storage area after leaving your address, without any further processing!

Our storage service


We take everything off your hands: Packing, transport and storage.


You take care of packing your items. We take care of the transport and storage.


You handle the packing and transport of your items. We take care of the storage.

Want to schedule an inventory visit?

We will visit you to make a no-obligation inventory of your home.

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If you wish, we can even handle the packing and unpacking of your glass, pottery and other small household goods, as well as the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture. Our skilled and qualified staff know all the right packaging techniques and materials for transporting your valuable antiques and artworks safely and with care.

Free use of
moving boxes & Wrapping paper

Packing &
Unpacking service


Packing tips

Make an inventory with clear labelling of cabinets and rooms.

Ensure that everything is dry and clean.

Dust all equipment.

Remove dirt and dust from the vacuum cleaner.

Remove batteries from electrical equipment.

Container dimensions

A storage box from Pinxt has a lot of space and is suitable for many different types of storage. Dimensions:

190 x 200 x 240 cm = 10 m3.

Great prices

For a container measuring approximately 10 m3, you will pay € 1,35 per day. This includes 21% VAT.

Temporary storage

Contact us for information on all our options.


Pinxt is an authorised moving company and a member of SAVAM
(Samenwerkende Vak Afdelingen Verhuizingen en Meubel Transporten).